Yoox Group’s 2013 sales climb by 21%

February 12, 2014 11:20 AM

Yoox Group, an Italian apparel and accessories retailer that sells online and operates e-commerce sites for other brands, logged sales increases across the board in 2013.

According to preliminary results for the year ended Dec. 31, Yoox, No. 195 in Internet Retailer’s 2013 Top 500 Guide, reported:

Total sales of 455.6 million euros ($621.4 million), an increase of 21.2% from 375.9 million euros ($512.7 million) in 2012. That figure includes sales from online retail sites, and, as well as the company's e-commerce services business.

  • Online sales for, and, which Yoox calls its multi-brand business, increased 25.3% to 328.2 million euros ($447.6 million) from 262.0 million euros ($357.3 million). The multi-brand business line represented 72.0% of the company’s 2013 total revenue; by comparison, the multi-brand business line accounted for 69.7% of total revenue in 2012.
  • Commercial web services revenue of 127.4 million euros ($173.8 million), an 11.9% increase from 113.9 million euros ($155.3 million). These services, which Yoox calls its mono-brand business, include e-commerce platform management and support, order and content management, merchandising, marketing, and fulfillment services. Yoox runs 37 online stores under this model, includingthose for apparel brands Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga and Brioni.
  • Revenue for North America reached 102.8 million euros ($140.2 million), up by 26.1% from 81.5 million euros ($111.2 million).
  • Sales for Europe, excluding Yoox’s home country of Italy, were 218.7 million euros ($298.3 million), a 21.4% increase from 180.2 million euros ($245.8 million).
  • Sales in Italy grew about 20.1% to 70.9 million euros ($96.7 million) from 59.0 million euros ($80.5 million).
  • Japan revenue was 34.4 million euros ($47.0 million), up by 10.6% from 31.1 million euros ($42.4 million) in 2011.
  • Total revenue for “other countries,” including China, of 21.8 million euros ($29.7 million), an increase of about 49.3% from 14.6 million euros ($19.9 million).

Yoox did not break out net income for the year or Q4 in its preliminary earnings report. Final 2013 earnings are scheduled for release on March 5.

“I am personally very proud of the outstanding results achieved by, our first online store, which drove sales acceleration in the last quarter, and particularly in Italy,” says Federico Marchetti, founder and CEO. “An important contribution to this year’s results came from the mobile channel,” he says, which grew each quarter and accounted for 40% of total traffic in the fourth quarter.

For the fourth quarter, Yoox, which also is No. 80 in Internet Retailer’s 2013 Europe 500, reported:

  • Total sales of 136.3 million euros ($184.9 million) an increase of 24.1% from 109.8 million euros ($149.0 million) in the fourth quarter of 2012.
  • Multi-brand business sales, which include online sales for, and, increased by 29.7% to 98.2 million euros ($133.2 million) from 75.7 million euros ($102.7 million). Growth was driven by strong sales at, the company says, “which marked the biggest increase in sales ever registered in absolute terms, thanks to a significantly higher customer retention rate, a further improvement in the conversion rate and an outstanding Christmas campaign.”
  • Mono-brand business sales, the company’s commercial web services unit that includes e-commerce platform management and support for other companies, of 38.1 million euros ($51.7 million) up by 11.7% from 34.1 million euros ($46.3 million).
  • Italy web sales of 23.4 million euros ($31.7 million) up by 31.5% from 17.8 million euros ($24.1 million).
  • Europe web online sales (excluding Italy) of 66.0 mill euros ($89.5 million), a 26.7% increase from 52.1 million euros ($70.7 million).
  • North American sales of 29.8 million euros ($40.4 million), up by 18.3% from 25.2 million euros ($34.1 million).
  • Japan revenue of 8.7 million euros ($11.8 million), a 7.4% increase from 8.1 million euros ($11.0 million).
  • Revenue from other countries of 6.4 million euros ($8.7 million), up by 45. 5% from 4.4 million euros ($6.0 million).



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