One of the world's largest coffee exporters is now a partner in the MoCoffee coffee-capsule business

April 20, 2015 02:22 PM

SAO PAULO, April 9, 2015--, the largest e-commerce business for wine and beer in Latin America and the third biggest in the world, has announced that Tristao Cia. de Comercio Exterior ("Tristao") has been integrated into the Mocoffee shareholder structure.

Mocoffee was acquired by and subsequently became its espresso coffee-capsule brand. Mocoffee will be run by the controlling shareholders Tristao and

The idea behind bringing Tristao, which is one of Brazil's biggest coffee companies, is to help in the mission to disseminate espresso capsule-coffee, through Mocoffee, to the mass market throughout Brazil and world. Rogerio Salume, CEO of, and Sergio Tristao, CEO of Tristao and Realcafe, say the partnership brings players with the right blend of business skills to develop Mocoffee in Brazil and worldwide.

As such aims to follow through its strategy to become a big player in the coffee trade, as well as in the wine and beer markets, creating synergies and taking advantage of the knowledge acquired through its digital e-commerce platforms.

Tristao will afford the coffee-capsule business its experience and business knowledge, not to mention putting capital and production plants at the service of the new enterprise. The long-term goal is to help rejuvenate the industrial fabric of Espirito Santo State, turning it into a benchmark region both domestically and internationally in coffee-capsule production technology.

MocoffeeTM is a brand belonging to that operates all over the world in the coffee-capsule segment. The Swiss technology was created by Eric Favre (the inventor of the coffee-capsule system) to enable domestic and B2B consumers to enjoy espresso coffee made in a practical way. The product line encompasses several coffee blends and machines that work solely with the brand's capsules. Mocoffee has head offices in Zurich, Switzerland, and Serra, Brazil. The company is present in 17 countries through a series of agreements and is one of the market leaders in Switzerland, France and Australia. The brand will be launched this year in Brazil and the Netherlands.

Tristao celebrated 80 years since it was founded. For the past 55 years it has occupied a leading position in the standardisation, commercialisation and export of Brazilian coffees to over 40 countries in all corners of the world. Tristao has exported over 40 million bags of coffee, generating revenue of over four billion dollars for Brazil.





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