Video ads help market a redesigned brand

May 4, 2011 02:56 PM

Belk Inc. says that online ads containing videos have helped the regional department store chain and online retailer introduce its new logo.

In October, Belk, which is No. 383 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, launched its first logo redesign in more than 40 years. In the run-up to the holiday shopping season, the retailer’s advertising campaigns, including in-store and online marketing, helped to promote the new logo along with product sales.

Ivy Chin, Belk’s senior vice president of e-commerce, says the intent of the rich media portion of the larger holiday campaign, which included in-store and broadcast elements, wasn’t to drive direct traffic to “Each component of our holiday campaign had a different role to play in the overall marketing mix,” she says. “The intention of this one was to create more experiential opportunities with the newly launched Belk brand.”

For the retailer’s Wishes & Wonder campaign, three ads appeared on from Oct. 10 to Nov. 1. The retailer created and placed the ads using Flite Inc., an ad platform provider. The ads combined the company’s new logo with its holiday season messaging, and consumers could click to view a video, holiday gift guides and Belk Twitter posts about fashion without leaving the window.

The ad units garnered nearly 5.5 million impressions and Flite tracked more than 90,000 user click actions—meaning consumers interacted with the ad in some way, such as clicking to expand or collapse the ad, watch a video, view a guide or a Belk Twitter post, or share it on Facebook. Flite says these actions are equivalent to a click-through rate of 1.8%, even though consumers never left the ad unit.   

Consumers who interacted with the campaign spent an average of 22 seconds interacting with the ads and 20% viewed a video embedded within the ads.

“This element of our fall branding campaigns exceeded the interactive brand engagement of the other tactics that were leveraged, including pre-roll and remarketing,” says Chin. A pre-roll video ad is an ad that runs automatically before a consumer can view the video content she actually requested; such ads are commonly found, for instance, in Yahoo video news segments or before some content on YouTube. Remarketing, or retarteging, technology enables e-retailers to serve up ads on other web sites to consumers who have previously interacted with the e-retailer—for instance, leaving items in an online shopping cart without buying them.





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