U.S. shoe brand Vans opens an online store in Russia

September 25, 2015 05:27 PM

Earlier this month Californian brand Vans launched an online retail store in Russia to make its collections — including “California,” “Classic,” “LXVI,” “OTW,” “Surf” and “Pro Skate” — more easily available to local consumers. Also displayed on are co-branded items with Disney, Eley Kishimoto and Antihero.

So far Vans had 17 offline stores and outlets in Russia. “But we covered just four cities, which is little for a country with such a large population. The online sales channel will allow us to cover all Russian cities,” the Vans press service told East-West Digital News.

To set up this e-commerce activity, Vans has teamed up with eTraction, a subsidiary of the Otto Group in Russia. eTraction has assisted the U.S. brand for all the operational aspects, from site development to logistics.

Prices in Russia are a bit higher than those in the U.S.  “mostly due to the custom fees,” according to Vans.

The company intends to launch a significant marketing plan in 2016 to boost its online sales in Russia.

Established in 1966, Vans launched e-commerce activities in the U.S. as early as 1999. Russia is the latest country where it launched e-commerce activities, following Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden and the UK.

The Russian e-commerce market reached some $25 billion in total last year, including $14.5 billion for physical goods, up 10-15% in real terms, according to a report by East-West Digital news and Data Insight. The current economic turmoil in the country has affected e-commerce, though to a much lesser extent than offline retail. However, strong growth is expected to resume after the crisis, with market size potentially reaching or exceeding $50 billion in 2020.

This article originally appeared on the site of East-West Digital News, an English-language site dedicated to e-commerce in Russia. It is reprinted with permission.





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