Apparel retailer Tory Burch projects mobile commerce sales will reach $49 million this year

July 22, 2013 02:29 PM

Mobile commerce sales are soaring for fashion retailer Tory Burch LLC. In 2013, Tory Burch projects its m-commerce sales will reach $49 million, a 170.1% increase from 2012’s total of $18.1 million, according to preliminary data for the 2014 Internet Retailer Mobile 500 guide.

The Mobile 500 guide, to be published in September, ranks the top retailers by sales to consumers using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Online, print and digital versions of the guide will be available. Tory Burch No. 79 is the 2013 Internet Retailer Mobile 400.

Tory Burch has actively courted the mobile shopper. Following its 2010 launch of a mobile-optimized web site, the retailer adopted responsive web design technology in 2012 that makes its site easier to display on different devices. Responsive design is a technique that enables retailers to build a web site that delivers a page designed to fit the screen of the device the visitor is using. Most retailers with responsive sites cite avoiding the need to build separate sites for smartphones and tablets as one reason they went with the responsive approach.

Tory Burch also offers an iPhone app, and it is using iPads inside its 65 stores so employees can help shoppers find desired products in a size or color that might be out of stock, or to let customers see what they’ve ordered previously.




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