New thundR app uses location information for m-commerce flash deals

January 8, 2015 03:37 PM

January 9, 2015—Microsoft and Daily Deal industry experts launches thundR, a personalized mobile shopping platform aiming to reinvent flash online deals.

Led by former Microsoft Product Manager Shan Sundaram, founder Marc Horne, and President of the Daily Deal Industry Association Darrell Ellens, the Seattle-based thundR app is set to provide consumers with an unparalleled shopping experience by combining Personalization, Contextual, and unique screaming daily deals.

Aiming to move beyond irrelevant daily promotions that continuously clutter a user’s inbox, thundR’s personalized shopping algorithm engine brings together contextual, location-based information and combines it with a user’s age, interest, and social media interaction to offer the best deals on the market.

Available now through Google Play and set for iOS release in early 2015, thundr’s unique daily deals and one-click mobile shopping experience are set to become the next trendsetters in online mobile shopping.

“Everyday people are sent an increasing amount of daily emails and promotions that are not relevant to them in any way, creating an ecommerce culture of low standards and curbing the optimal growth rate of the industry on a worldwide scale,” says thundR Founder and CEO Shan Sundaram. “The lack of personalized promotions, lack of targeting, poor timing and unattractive deals perpetuate daily deal issues. thundR focuses on removing barriers that inhibit a positive user experience, and offer fully personalized daily promotions through our innovative personalized shopping algorithm engine,” he adds.

The goals of the thundR team, Sundaram explains, are to offer one personalized “screaming” deal a day to its users, create a buzz on a daily basis through unique time boxed deals, and cut out the cumbersome spamming of promotions in order to achieve a truly enjoyable and user-friendly shopping experience.

“By streamlining the process and offering one-click features through the app, where users can choose their product and check out in less than a minute, we can make the mobile online shopping experience a daily habit, a thing that we do naturally and enjoy,” says thundR strategic advisor Marc Horne. “It is that personal targeting touch of thundR that creates the feeling of scarcity and irresistible offers that will inevitably excite consumers again when they engage with the daily deal market,” he adds.
As more users turn towards digital platforms for their shopping experiences and deals, apps such as thundR are rapidly becoming an invaluable resource for both consumers and merchants worldwide. It will shift the paradigm from the flood of products experienced by consumers to a clear and tailored focus offering unique products.

Successful businesses in the sphere have seen skyrocketing growth due to the level of global exposure to a massive customer base. The mobile ecommerce market — which thundR looks to improve and capitalize on — is worth $40 billion in the US alone, a figure expected to rise to $50 billion in 2015.

By pioneering a personalized shopping model and combining it with its smart platform algorithms to offer the right product to the right person at the right time, thundR’s personalized shopping mobile app — headed by a team of industry experts — is set to be at the forefront of the digital shopping market.

Founded in 2014 by former Microsoft Product Manager Shan Sundaram, thundR a flash deal mobile app startup from Seattle. Just like thunder, the platform’s personalized daily deals are lightning fast and time-sensitive. Through its personalization algorithm, thundR eliminates spam problems in the daily deal market and create scarcity and irresistible personalized offers to consumers. Coming soon for iPhone and iOS devices, the app is now available for free through Google Play.

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