Technology Update: Maxymiser

September 4, 2012 12:07 PM

Building on its technology for testing web content and optimizing it to convert shoppers into buyers, Maxymiser has launched a software module called MaxSocial designed to help online retailers display the most effective content on their Facebook pages and e-commerce sites.

MaxSocial captures information from Facebook—including the merchandising offers consumers have clicked on a client retailer’s Facebook page—to let retailers test multiple variations of Facebook page content to see which generate the most response, then change or optimize that content to increase clicks and conversion rates.

The application is also designed to use information on a consumer’s personal interests, ranging from favored products to demographics and interests, to help client retailers feature products on their e-commerce sites that their Facebook  shoppers are most likely to buy.

Maxymiser calls its technology a cloud-based system, which means it hosts its software on the Internet and makes it available for an annual subscription fee based on a retailer’s web site traffic volume. The company declined to disclose the starting or average subscription price, but MaxSocial is designed to work for any size of online retailer, from small mom-and-pops to the largest online merchants, according to Paul Dunay, vice president of marketing. A related application, MaxMobile, extends the same capability to mobile sites.

The company maintains its own application programming interface, or API, connection with Facebook, which enables it to capture and analyze click activity on retailers’ Facebook pages as well as the information on Facebook users’ personal interests and demographics. It also installs a single line of JavaScript software code in the header of a client retailer’s web site; the header is the rectangular section at the top of each page that typically features a retailer’s logo and other basic information such as a category navigation bar.

MaxSocial only works when a consumer has “Liked” a retailer, which makes her information on Facebook available to the merchant.

Mark Simpson, president and founder of Maxymiser, says MaxSocial is designed to help narrow the gap between the large number of consumers who use Facebook and the relatively small number who will visit any one brand’s web site. “MaxSocial bridges this gap by determining what really works on Facebook, and by making brand content more personal and more effective. It’s a simple concept: the better you know your customers, the better you can serve them.”

Dunay adds that retailers can also use MaxSocial to increase the number of consumers who Like their brand by testing multiple incentives, such as discounts on different products, on a retailer’s Facebook page intended to get consumers to click a Like button.

Maxymiser’s client base includes the online operations of Alaska Airlines, Chrysler Corp., Harry & David, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Lids, Rent the Runway, Teleflora, The Finish Line, and Wyndham Hotel Group. Harry & David is No. 210 in the Internet Retailer Top 500; Finish Line is No. 232; Lids is No. 391.

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