The 500 North American e-retailers breaking new ground in social network-derived website traffic and e-commerce sales collectively increased their website traffic from social networks by 19.8% in 2015, reaching total social network-derived online sales of $3.9 billion, up 42.7% from 2014 or nearly three times the growth rate of e-commerce in the U.S itself. Who are these masters of social media marketing? 282 of them are ranked in the Top 500, and 123 are ranked in the Second 500. Your Social 500 database subscription will allow you to delve into the four-year financial history of each ranked e-retailer, as well as furnish you with:

  • 30,500 total facts
  • The names, company addresses and phone numbers of 500 social media marketing executives
  • 61 total metrics (below) including monthly unique visitors from social networks, conversion rates on social traffic and key engagement metrics like average comment per Facebook post or number of retweets per Tweet

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Top 500 List

The Top 2,100 Ecommerce operators.

The Top 500 ranks business-to-consumer retailers in the U.S. and Canada, based on online sales, including retail chains, catalogs, web-only merchants, brand manufacturuers and digital content sellers.