Shopko takes its weekly flyer to the web

September 14, 2011 04:35 PM

One of the most popular areas on lately is its weekly flyer section. That’s because the regional retail chain recently launched an interactive version of the print ad insert it sends out in the Sunday newspaper, and online shoppers seem to like it, the retailer says.

ShopKo Stores Operating Co., No. 550 in Internet Retailer’s Second 500 Guide, is working with digital marketing firm PointRoll to provide the online ad from which shoppers can directly make a purchase, says vice president of e-commerce Mike Sidders. With PointRoll’s ShopLocal technology, the flyer section is now tailored to each shopper’s location and will match the products and discounts offered at that shopper’s nearest store.

Consumers can flip through the flyer, around 40 pages long, and use tools like Circle Item, which when placed on a particular product leaves a large red circle, Add Note, Bookmark and Print. When a shopper mouses over a product a pop-up window appears with details about the product, and the shopper can click on the item to purchase it.

Since implementing the interactive flyer about three weeks ago, the retailer has received a healthy amount of praise from its customers, Sidders says. “The response that we’ve gotten through Facebook and e-mails are very positive. They are really glad we upgraded, they noticed it right away and have been reaching out a lot.”

Sidders would not comment on what the new flyer has done for sales or conversion rates but did say that the way shoppers are interacting with has changed and that the retailer is pleased with the results thus far.

Shopko operates 143 stores in 13 states in the Midwest, the Mountain region and the Pacific Northwest.




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