Poppin Reimagines Office Furniture Retailing with Demandware

December 31, 2015 01:05 PM

BURLINGTON, Mass.--Demandware®, Inc. (NYSE:DWRE), the industry-leading provider of enterprise cloud commerce solutions, today announced that Poppin, the one-stop-shop for creating inspiring workspaces, has re-platformed its website on the Demandware Commerce Cloud. The Demandware-powered site enables Poppin to tell a richer brand story, better its user experience for both its B2C and B2B customers, and increase conversions through vastly improved load times and consistent experiences across devices.

With the Demandware Commerce Cloud, Poppin now has a flexible and stable platform for digital commerce that performs significantly faster than before. Built by Demandware LINK Partner Fluid, Poppin’s new site,, allows the company to configure and customize its site to fully convey Poppin’s brand identity and take customers through the journey required to purchase some of its more complex items. Demandware also provides Poppin with the capabilities it needs to simultaneously serve both its growing B2B and B2C customer bases with increased functionality.

“By transitioning to Demandware, we’re able to tackle the challenge of selling everything from a $2 eraser to office furniture solutions for some of the fastest-growing startups,” said Zachary Abbell, Director of Ecommerce at Poppin. “We also leveraged Demandware’s platform responsiveness and almost immediately saw a 300% increase in mobile conversion rates in comparison to last year. The new site embodies our brand while providing customers with a rich and engaging experience – all at load times more than five times faster than our prior site. Additionally, with Demandware Poppin nearly doubled its online transactions during the first half of the holiday season compared to the same period last year.”

The Demandware Commerce Cloud streamlines retail operations from attraction to purchase. The platform maximizes agility and innovation, enabling retailers like Poppin to keep up with continually evolving consumer expectations. Scalable, reliable and secure, the Demandware Commerce Cloud provides a full range of capabilities with a shared view of key retail data such as customers, orders, products and prices, and is powered by a unified promotion and personalization engine.

“Poppin is an up-and-coming brand in office furniture retailing, and we are excited that the team chose Demandware as the commerce platform to support its next phase of growth,” said Jeffrey Barnett, chief operating officer at Demandware. “Conveying the company’s innovative approach to creating happy workplaces is crucial for the success of Poppin’s new Web site, and with the Demandware Commerce Cloud, the company was able to build a unique and engaging site that performs with the speed and flexibility that consumers expect, on whichever device they happen to use.”




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