Ordoro Brings Multichannel Capability to Amazon Fulfillment Network

August 31, 2015 04:10 PM

AUSTIN, Texas, -- Ordoro, the leading shipping and inventory management software in ecommerce, is fully integrated with Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). Similar to how merchants connect their sales channels to Ordoro's app, it's now possible to link an FBA account as a method of fulfillment. While most standalone ecommerce storefronts are unable to directly integrate with FBA, it is a viable option through Ordoro's multichannel capabilities.

When an order comes from any sales channel linked with Ordoro, the app automatically notifies the integrated FBA warehouse that stocks the product, and they take care of the rest. Ordoro then updates inventory based on product quantities available to fulfill in FBA, and sends that information to relevant sales channels. Rather than only being able to fulfill products sold on, all of a merchant's products across every channel may be fulfilled through FBA so long as inventory is stored in their warehouses.

"Multichannel merchants' fulfillment channels can be just as numerous as their sales channels," said Jagath Narayan, CEO of Ordoro. "Our FBA integration is a popular option that allows them to efficiently outsource their fulfillment to avoid the hassle of maintaining inventory and handling shipping."

Ordoro's public API is the reason this is possible. FBA is only one example of a 3PL integrated with Ordoro. Other 3PL providers, custom-built sales channels, and unique ecommerce apps, are now all able to connect with Ordoro, and their integration creates an invaluable, comprehensive view of a merchant's business. Companies like SYNQWARE, a SaaS company specializing in supply chain integration, have integrated their platform for that specific purpose.

"The Ordoro API was a cinch to integrate with our Bizperanto middleware platform. Our customers are thrilled to now be able to connect their order stream to dozens of new endpoints, such as EDI,  3PLCentral, NetSuite, MAS, and Microsoft Dynamics, to name a few," said Brett Goldberg, CEO of SYNQWARE. "Ordoro's slick interface allows multichannel vendors large and small to get the 'aerial view' of what's happening and allocate resources accordingly."

Ordoro is an ecommerce software app tackling the unsexy but essential function of supply chain and order management. With an open API and integrations with all major marketplaces and shopping-cart platforms, Ordoro helps merchants streamline their shipping and inventory management across all their sales channels so they can focus on growing their business, rather than maintaining it. Ordoro offers tools to monitor inventory levels, manage supplier relations, bundle products and reduce shipping costs.

SYNQWARE, founded in 2006, specializes in Supply Chain Integration for B2B and B2C vendors.  SYNQWARE's XTROVERT platform connects all major accounting packages to over 300 external endpoints.  SYNQWARE's clients include leading importers, manufacturers, and wholesalers in the Gift, Home Décor, Toy, Beauty, and Natural Products industries.  SYNQWARE is based inGreat Barrington, MA.




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