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August 5, 2015 11:29 AM

A more flexible subscription program lets subscribers get more of their favorite snacks.

Until now, shipped to subscribers five snacks once a month, at the same time of the month, for $19.95. Improvements to the website let consumers select a three-snack option for $13.95, and turn shipments up to as frequently as weekly. Consumers also can browse among the 120 snack varieties offered and order their favorites, rather than letting NatureBox choose.

CEO Gautam Gupta says the changes are in response to customer demands. The e-retailer often got requests from existing subscribers that they wanted to move their next ship date up, he says. A survey among subscribers confirmed it: More than 50% of subscribers said they wanted more snacks, more often.

The snack bag size remains the same—three to five servings—under the new program, but subscribers, if they choose to, can order multiple packages of the same snack variety. Orders ship from one of two NatureBox fulfillment centers.

Gupta says NatureBox’s sales grew 300% last year and are on track to double this year. He attributes the growth to NatureBox’s product assortment of unique snacks and consumers ongoing move to shop online. “Our growth is really driven by the consumers shifting their shopping habits [to the web]” he says. 

Gupta would not disclose the company’s online sales or its number of subscribers. But Internet Retailer estimated them at $44.25 million for 2014. NatureBox is No. 387 in Internet Retailer’s 2015 Top 500 Guide, up more than 80 positions from a year earlier. The e-retailer raised $30 million in a funding round in May, bringing the 3-year-old company’s funding to date to $58.5 million.

For more on NatureBox and the burgeoning market online for food sales, check out “The e-grocery explosion,” the cover story of Internet Retailer magazine’s August issue. Subscribe for free here.  




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