QVC Founder Joe Segel Comes Out of Retirement to Launch ProfilePRO, the First Customized Hair Care System

June 8, 2015 03:25 PM

PHILADELPHIA -- It was announced today that QVC Founder, Joseph Segel, has emerged from retirement as the co-founder and principal investor of a new company that he believes will revolutionize the hair care business. One of the earliest "serial entrepreneurs," Segel has created over 20 businesses over the past 60 years — including QVC, The Franklin Mint, National Business Services, Le Mirador Resort, etc. — with each new business totally different and innovative in a major way.  

Will Segel now disrupt that hair care business similar to the way he has had a significant influence on other industries?  Stay tuned.

Segel's latest venture is ProfilePRO, a totally new customized hair care system enabling hundreds of millions of people around the world to have an individually customized shampoo and conditioner, based on each person's personal hair characteristics and personal scent preference. Because of that extreme degree of personalization, the ProfilePRO system doesn't lend itself to retail or salon distribution.  So, it will be sold exclusively through online websites, the first of which is the company's own website — Joining Segel in this venture are several retired QVC executives. The CEO of ProfilePRO is Harold Poliskin, its VP of Operations is Chuck Pulcini and VP of Marketing is Karen Adams, all QVC veterans. In fact, Poliskin and Pulcini were two of the original team of QVC executives. Additionally, two former QVC Presidents, Mike Boyd (QVC President 1987-1995) and Doug Briggs (QVC President 1995-2006), have agreed to serve on ProfilePRO's Board of Advisors. However, ProfilePRO is a privately-owned independent company, not affiliated with QVC.

"We are delighted to introduce what we believe will become the most significant new hair care system in years," explains Segel. "We're starting off with national distribution online, and plan to expand our distribution within the next two years to England, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, India, China and Japan, and several additional countries soon thereafter."

Customization is a hot trend in today's retail landscape, responding to consumer preferences for products that are tailored to their personal needs and tastes. ProfilePRO is based on the concept that shampoo and conditioner should be no exception, so they have created an entirely new way for both women and men to have their own customized shampoo and conditioner, formulated to produce the best results for each individual's personal hair characteristics. ProfilePRO is starting with over 100 expertly compounded formulas to serve people with almost every type of hair and hair condition. To select the right formula for each person, ProfilePRO asks a series of key questions on their website, and each order is entirely customized. The company has filed for a patent on the ProfilePRO process, and their trademark is being registered internationally. 

"We believe hair is personal and in many ways defines you," says Harold Poliskin, CEO of ProfilePRO. "There isn't anything like ProfilePRO on the hair care market that offers optimum customization and such a personalized experience." 

The innovative ProfilePRO system was co-invented by Florida entrepreneur Jodi Dery and Joe Segel.  It was then refined by an elite team of highly skilled cosmetic chemists in Italy who have developed hair care and skincare products for several of the top name brands.  The formulas were all tested and further refined by Dery at her award-winning Cloud 10 Salons in Florida, as well as previewed by over 3000 licensed hair stylists inPennsylvania. Through this collaboration, ProfilePRO was able to develop the ideal combinations of top-quality ingredients, free of sulfates and parabens, to produce outstanding results for each different hair profile.

To create a personal hair profile, anyone can now visit to answer several key questions about his or her hair type, hair texture, hair behavior, and scalp condition.  Each customer also selects their preferred scent and specifies the personal name to appear on their bottles. A completely customized travel-size set is initially available at an introductory price of $10.  Full-size bottles are priced between $19 and $29 each, depending on how they are ordered.  




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