Introducing the all-new and improved

February 7, 2012 03:45 PM

After a year of development, Vertical Web Media LLC, the publisher of Internet Retailer magazine and the Top 500 Guide, today unveiled the all-new and completely redesigned

The first edition of the was introduced in 2009 as an electronic database that enabled users to access information and create custom reports on the largest online retailers ranked by their annual web sales. But the completely redesigned features an even more comprehensive database and tools to access information and create an unlimited number of reports based on the criteria selected by each user.

The redesigned for the very first time also features multiple years of data on 1,300 leading online retailing companies, including five years of data for Top 500 merchants and one year of data for up-and-coming web merchants ranked in the Second 500 and the 300 biggest business-to-consumer e-commerce sites ranked in the Top 300 Europe.

In addition to its greatly expanded database and increased analytical capability, the all-new has been totally redesigned to vastly simplify its access to competitive data and the operation of its customized reporting functions.

For example, a more user-friendly interface now allows subscribers to fully customize their dataset in just seconds by selecting which metrics they want to examine, filtering the results to the exact subset they want, and then ranking each company by whichever metric they choose.

Once users create their custom reports, they can then save each report template to their account for later reference. Should anyone get confused along the way, the new also features new help icons which can be rolled over for tips and how-to instructions.

“As good as the old Top500Guide web site was, it was sometimes challenging and frustrating to use,” says Internet Retailer publisher Jack Love. “We spent a lot of time in the development of the new site to make its use much more intuitive and to create an easy step-by-step path to allow subscribers to retrieve the precise information they are looking for.”

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The all-new features an enhanced proprietary data filter subscribers can use to instantly select information on the total 1,300 e-retailers those they wish to highlight. By using the data filter, users can pinpoint competitive analysis based on more than 160 characteristics such as retailer type, merchandise specialty, annual sales range, market ranking, shopper demographics, conversion rate range, headquarters location, web site performance ratings, vendors used and web site functionality.

Once filtered, the financial and operating performance of the selected web merchants can then be analyzed and ranked based on more than 170 financial, marketing and operational metrics.

“The explosive growth of e-commerce amidst a relatively weak traditional retailing market has turned up the competitive heat in the e-retailing business as all web merchants seek to capitalize on the opportunities out there,” says Love. “This completely rebuilt database gives them a powerful competitive research tool to do just that. Our previous Top500Guide web database product was good, but this one is an order of magnitude better.”

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