How an e-retailer makes it easy to sort through a large assortment

August 7, 2015 05:00 PM

Common internet wisdom stresses that consumers have a short attention span, and that few shoppers will scroll through pages of search results on a web site to find the product they want. That leads some to argue that retail web sites should limit their product selection.

At Allurez, we have a lot of products—over 40,000 jewelry products in different styles and product variations. And that means we have had to grapple with this problem and work to make it easy for the consumer to find what she wants.  And we’re not alone. The top websites in the 2015 Internet Retailer Top 500 manage vast categories and inventories while still allowing the consumer to find exactly what they are looking for. Both Allurez and these large retailers know the key to achieving this balance is not by limiting a shopper’s options, but by ensuring customers can find their ideal product within a few clicks of landing on the home page.

Allurez hopes to bring this ease of use in finding products to the jewelry market. Changes on the Allurez website, including enhancements of product landing pages, increased visibility of browse tools, and optimizations to the Allurez search tool allow customers far more options to sort their initial selection and find the exact piece of jewelry they are looking for.

Allurez’ new landing pages in each category allows customers to shop by style, gemstone, trends, as well as, an option to design a custom ring or select from pre-set rings. Shoppers who click on any of the options are then redirected to a listings page that includes both links to products in the selected category as well as a number of additional filtering tools.

For example, although Allurez offers more than one thousand engagement ring styles; customers can find their target engagement ring by setting additional filters to focus their initial selection. By clicking through two pages, Allurez customers can navigate to a page displaying styles with their specific characteristics (i.e. Halo Engagement Rings in 18k White Gold with a Princess shape center Diamond that has a carat weight ranging from 1.00 carats to 4.00 carats, with ruby accented side-stones). These features are available for users landing on listing pages through the search function as well.

Although, the Engagement Ring feature has been the first part updated to reflect improvements in design, Allurez has followed by launching changes in landing pages for gemstone rings, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces and other categories. Shoppers searching for products in each of these categories will now be greeted by user-friendly pages which highlight each choice in each style. On top of that, Allurez uses an algorithm to rank the most popular products sold on Our ranking algorithm takes into over 100 factors, such as view-through rate, click-through rate, and the date the product was listed, among many others.

We also take into account an item’s overall sales, conversion rate, seasonal popularity, and a number of additional parameters. As a result, Allurez listing pages now prominently feature the best, trendiest and most desirable products right on top.

Results have been positive, with Allurez seeing increased order volume and higher revenue across the enhanced categories. Still, Allurez is hoping that giving the customers the right tool to find that special ring for a special somebody will result in higher conversions through the fall wedding season and upcoming holiday rush.

The myth that online retailers need narrow product selections is slowly losing its grip. The largest merchants as well as mid-size merchants like Allurez are showing that customers will search through a large inventory for the perfect product, as long as that search doesn’t take too long.

Web-only jewelry retailers Allurez is No. 948 in the 2015 Second 500.





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