News bumps sales 25% with help from other e-retailers

December 31, 2015 06:00 AM

E-retailer Home Goods Galore experienced a 25% sales jump after CEO Diane Ferrea  downloaded free software that lets e-retailers connect directly to each other’s websites to form their own marketplaces.

The cross-promotion platform from software firm DandyLoop offers a way to attract online customers without spending money to buy traffic through ads on Google, Facebook or other online venues, says Ferrea. She declines to disclose online sales for her company, which has 10 employees and was founded five years ago.

Home Goods Galore also sells on eBay, Sears, Wanelo and Ratuken marketplaces, Ferrea says. But, she says, DandyLoop is “definitely worth the amount of sales traffic increase, and it creates back links and greater visibility for our website. It is definitely promoting us.”

The DandyLoop software is free to small e-retailers such as Home Goods Galore, and costs $9.99 a month for retailers with up to 1,000 unique visitors each month. The cost is $60 a month for retailers with 1,000 to 5,000 unique monthly visitors, and increases with the amount of site traffic. The largest retailers purchase a custom version of the software. DandyLoop says it has 1,000 retail clients.

Ferrea chooses merchants with whom she doesn’t compete to appear and displays their ads as targeted product recommendations at the bottom of, alongside her own products. The retailers she works with sell such products as handcrafted jewelry, automotive accessories, men’s clothing and toilet bowls, and they agree to cross-promote her site on their websites.

The DandyLoop software is designed to recommend the most relevant products, says Omer Rachamim, DandyLoop CEO.

Retailers can install the Javascript software from DandyLoop through their Shopify dashboard, if they use that e-commerce platform, or straight from the DandyLoop website. Rachamim says the software eases retailers’ dependence on such marketplaces as so they can build their own customer base. The software operates globally, with the United States its biggest market.




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