Growth secrets of e-retailers in the Top 500

September 2, 2015 03:08 PM

As more retail spending shifts to the web, online shoppers around the world are becoming very demanding.

With Inc. leading the way, major e-retail players with giant budgets and loyal customers are raising the bar on consumer expectations. Smartphone-wielding consumers want to shop websites optimized for the small screen, where navigation is intuitive, and checkout is fast and secure. Studies show an increasing number of shoppers choose to pick up online orders at their local store, while others still want all purchases shipped to their doorstep. Some customers want deliveries within a day, and gift wrapped with a pretty bow on top. Others may even expect an email a week after their purchase asking if they’re pleased with their order.

Delighting online consumers, therefore, is becoming an increasingly difficult and complicated endeavor, retailers and experts say. A complimentary report released today by Internet Retailer titled “Growth Secrets of the Top 500” finds that merchants ranked in the Internet Retailer 2015 Top 500 Guide—and not just those named—have managed to grow the fastest and gobble market share in their categories by finding ways to delight shoppers. They choose to avoid going up against Amazon directly on price or product selection, yet they adapt to these growing demands, and give shoppers what they want across a number of fronts.

That often means offering shoppers a unique selection of goods—things they can’t find on or—while at the same time providing an assortment of customer service and technological capabilities that consumers demand, such as free delivery, engaging social media posts, websites optimized for mobile devices and shopping personalized for their own tastes.

The free, downloadable report includes:

  • Detailed charts, tables and infographics that identify the online growth leaders over the last five years.
  • An in-depth analysis story that highlights the growth strategies of such major e-commerce players as zulily Inc.,Warby Parker, The Honest Company and
  • Case studies of such fast-growing niche e-retail players as etailz Inc. and Dollar Shave Club.
  • Two focused articles on how fast-growing online merchants like Pep Boys and Bluestem Brands are beefing up their e-commerce staffs and improving website performance.

The Growth Secrets of the Top 500 is available for free download here for a limited time only, so download now.




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