Board game retailer Dicehead scores savings with a new e-commerce platform

October 21, 2015 10:20 AM

Shane Grubb, president and owner of retailer Dicehead Games and Comics LLC, anticipates a future when more of his business will be conducted online, so he hired a new e-commerce platform vendor when the price savings caught his eye.

“Lots of retailers are closing their stores and going strictly online; I do foresee a day when we may have to reduce our amount of (physical) space,” Grubb says. Dicehead Games, which operates a 4,200-square-foot store in Cleveland, Tenn., is on track to make $600,000 in sales this year, of which 55% comes from e-commerce, Grubb says. The retailer sells board games, card games, miniature games, hobby games, comic books and non-electronic toys.

Grubb says he was using another vendor for the past five years, paying $1,250 to $1,350 a month for handling order and inventory management and integrating and automating shipping, and was ready to look for something new. He noticed an email from Linnworks, a United Kingdom-based e-commerce platform provider, because Linnworks’ product price caught his eye.

Shawn Muthraja, director of Americas for Linnworks, which opened its first offices in the United States this year and launched its newest software upgrade on Oct. 6, charges one monthly fee for a variety of e-commerce services such as order management, inventory management, bulk listing and shipping integration and automation. The company requires no sharing of revenue percentages, negotiates month-to-month contracts and places no limits on the number of orders a retailer ships and processes. The Linnworks system automatically updates the marketplaces through which Dicehead sells its products. Dicehead pays Linnworks $280 a month for its services.

Muthraja says Linnworks aims to attract small retailers with less than $5 million in yearly revenue because they represent 87% of the e-commerce market. Linnworks integrates with retailers’ shopping carts using an application programming interface  and lets e-retailers sync, edit, update and fulfill orders through dozens of online marketplaces, Muthraja says. E-retailers import their data into the Linnworks system, which communicates with Amazon, eBay and other online marketplaces, he says.  

Grubb says he realized $100-a-month savings by switching to Linnworks’ point-of-sale feature and the rest of the savings is generated by Linnworks’ lower fee, as well as no longer needing to hire extra labor to manually input 2,000 product identifier numbers for online stores that sell his products. He says he also no longer pays online marketplaces extra fees to add e-commerce channels.

Linnworks also doesn’t limit the number of inventory items that Dicehead can place on its online stores.  “It’s all about saving time and making the business more efficient,” Grubb says.




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