FarFetch rolls out same-day delivery in nine cities

November 5, 2015 08:00 PM

A luxury online marketplace is offering to deliver to shoppers in some of the Western world’s fashion capitals high-end apparel and accessories in time for tonight’s soiree.

FarFetch UK Ltd., No. 93 in the Internet Retailer 2015 Europe 500 Guide, introduced this week same-day delivery in nine cities in Europe and the United States on online orders placed before 10 a.m. Monday through Friday. Those cities are Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Paris, London, Miami, New York and Los Angeles. Shoppers pay $25 in the U.S., 18 pounds ($27.38) in England, and 25 euros ($27.20) in France, Spain and Italy for the service. FarFetch will fulfill those online orders through more than 50 designer boutiques in the individual markets.

Geography will limit which shoppers are eligible for same-day delivery, however. For instance, in New York only shoppers that have a Manhattan ZIP code are eligible.

“Our goal is to provide a 360-degree shopping experience like no other, and our same-day delivery service is another layer of commitment to our loyal FarFetch customer base,” CEO Jose Neves said.

The same-day delivery option comes four months after FarFetch announced it would start delivering packages to consumers’ yachts in ports on the Mediterranean Sea. The FarFetch & Away offering ran July 8-Sept. 16 and was available in 13 ports, including Barcelona, Spain, and Cannes, France.




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