E-retailer CaféPress looks to stir up more sales with a new mobile site

August 23, 2012 11:46 AM

CaféPress is looking to shake up its mobile sales—in a good way. The online retailer of customized products such as T-shirts, coffee mugs and baby clothes, has launched a mobile commerce site that lets consumers shake an iPhone to view T-shirt suggestions.

“We wanted to find a fun and engaging way for our customers to discover fun products on CaféPress,” says Marc Cowlin, director of marketing for CaféPress, No. 112 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide. “The shake functionality, built leveraging the shake technology available on the iPhone, creates a retail grab bag of sorts. You never know what product you’re going to get when you shake the phone, and that is not only unique, it’s fun.”

The site, built by m-commerce technology provider Mad Mobile, gives consumers access to more than 300 million products they can buy and many filtering options to help consumers find what they are looking for quickly. For example, within T-shirts, a consumer can choose from 15 categories, including Funny or Political. A tap on a category brings the shopper to more filtering options. A tap on Funny, for instance, brings consumers to more specific topics such as Nerdy or Funny Political. Nerdy then brings shoppers to more topics like Chemistry and Math.

“A user-friendly search platform is imperative,” Cowlin says. “Our robust product search algorithm, combined with mobile-optimized search result views, results in a quality mobile shopping experience.”

Once a consumer gets to a selection of T-shirts that fit her search parameters, she can choose to view each T-shirt or a larger image of just the design on the shirt.

“The number of people owning smartphones continues to rise, along with the use of mobile commerce apps, web sites and e-mail,” Cowlin says. “To maintain our competitive edge in today's market and offer quality shopping experience on small format screens, it was important for us to offer a high quality mobile shopping experience for our customers.”

Mad Mobile has built mobile sites for several retailers including mattress retailer Sleep Number, sports equipment retailer Sport Chalet and Ron Jon surf shop.




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