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November 29, 2012 03:25 PM

The reason BH Cosmetics has attracted more than 600,000 Facebook fans, 1,500 Pinterest followers and over 5.3 million video views on its YouTube channel is simple, says Fred Sadovskiy, the retailer’s CEO. The cosmetics brand gives its fan base, generally women 15 to 30, what they want—product information, makeup tips and a place where they can discuss makeup. BH Cosmetics’ YouTube videos, for instance, demonstrate tips such as how to get Katy Perry’s smoky eye look. On Facebook, BH Cosmetics offers exclusive offers, sweepstakes and asks questions such as “DO or DON’T: Bright eyeliner for Fall & Winter!” The brand’s content is influenced by what resonates with shoppers. “We dig into the analytics,” says Sadovskiy. That is, it sees what sparks views or comments, then offers more content along those lines.




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