News publishes books in German

March 13, 2014 09:39 AM

Now coming to the Kindle e-reader and’s print-book store: “Klang der Gezeiten” (or in English, “The Sound of the Tides”), a new work of fiction by author Emily Bold. The book is among the first works of fiction that Inc. will offer this spring through a new German-language program within its Amazon Publishing unit.

“By publishing my new book ‘Klang der Gezeiten’ with Amazon Publishing, I’ll have a visionary publishing partner by my side who can flexibly react to fast changes with the book market,” Boyd says. After Amazon Publishing successfully sold English translations of her previous German-language works, “Touch of Eternity” and “Breath of Yesterday,” Boyd says, she decided to work with Amazon to also publish works in the German language.

Two other German-language titles Amazon Publishing plans to release this spring include “Bis alle Schuld beglichen” (“Until All Debts Are Cleared), a Berlin-based murder mystery, and “New York für Anfängerinnen” (“New York for Beginners”) a romantic debut novel from Susann Remke.

Amazon Publishing has established an office in Munich, Germany,  headed by Sarah Tomashek, who will focus on bringing “great works written in German to a wider audience,” says Jorrit Van der Meulen, vice president of Kindle for Europe. Amazon says it will also translate many of the new German titles into English through its AmazonCrossing publishing service.

Since launching in 2012, AmazonCrossing has published many English-language works translated into German, including six that made the top of Amazon’s German Kindle best-seller list, Amazon says.

“Over the past five years, Amazon Publishing has worked hard to create an author-centric publishing experience that connects readers with outstanding fiction and non-fiction from around the world,” says Sarah Jane Gunter, director of International Publishing. “We’re excited to expand the opportunities we can provide to German authors by acquiring and publishing works in German.”

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