Amazon Prime Day: All about the fast-growing e-commerce sales day

July 12, 2016 03:30 PM

Internet Retailer covers Inc.'s Prime Day, from the impact on marketplace sellers to how other retailers compete to social media reaction and more. Check here for a growing list of stories about what is fast becoming a major online sales day in the United States.

  • A day of decent deals
  • Web traffic tells only part of the Amazon Prime Day story
  • 46 million Americans bought something on Amazon during Prime Day
  • Prime Day: Amazon’s biggest sales day ever
  • Was Prime Day a bust for Amazon’s marketplace sellers?
  • Amazon Prime Day sales at the halfway point
  • Shoppers are more upbeat about Amazon Prime Day than they were a year ago 
  • Amazon rivals reach for a piece of Prime Day 
  • Amazon delivers a speedy site on Prime Day, with a few hiccups 
  • Marketplace merchants expect big Prime Day sales 
  • How many U.S. consumers can shop Amazon Prime Day deals? 
  • Wal-Mart keeps the counter-Prime offers coming 
  • The pulse of Amazon Prime Day on social media 
  • Amazon uses Prime Day discounts to entice Prime members to try newer Amazon services 
  • Why one online retailer takes a long view on Prime Day 
  • J.C. Penney and Kohl’s put their own spin on the Amazon Prime Day hoopla 
  • How rivals get a Prime Day lift 
  • Which day offers better deals?




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