7 strategies for increasing retail sales online

October 3, 2016 10:36 AM

The biggest challenge that online retailers face is increasing traffic to their e-commerce sites. The explosion of e-commerce competitors makes it tough to attract the large numbers of consumers needed to stay in business. With that in mind, here are seven strategies that will help your business grow online by increasing traffic and boosting sales.

Creating a sense of urgency

Most consumers respond positively to incentives that create a sense of urgency. One way to do that is to offer a financial incentive to customers who purchase things right away, such as free shipping or a discount.

Cross-selling your products and services

Cross-selling is one of the most important tools in e-commerce, and many online retailers are successful in doing it. In the example below, Amazon extends its warranties and instant services to customers who view its Blue Ray product page.

From mobile ready to e-commerce-optimized

During the 2015 holiday season, 16.9% of U.S. online retail purchases were made on mobile devices, according to comScore Inc. Though having a responsive website is a good start, optimizing for mobile commerce will require a more proactive approach to improving your website user’s experiences. Starting from the process of simple mobile payment, to the testing of design for your mobile checkout, e-commerce optimization is now an ongoing process even as mobile adoption rates continue to rise.

Getting more Ad clicks and Ad Extensions

If you are selling stuff online, then ad extensions are a no-brainer, and this is a feature that is available in both Google AdWords and Bing. This allows you to make your ad look bigger with more places to click. This does not cost extra. Instead it increases your ads click-through rate. In the screenshot below, the links given to Men’s and Women’s sunglasses give people an opportunity of buying a new pair of Ray Ban’s with two different places that they can click to get to the advertiser’s site.

Increasing exposure on social networking sites

The more impressions you get on social networking sites, the more likely it is that you will gain Likes. One of the best ways to increase impressions on social networking sites is by embedding the social buttons within your site and marketing communications. Most blogs display social sharing buttons that encourage readers to share the blog post. Below is a screenshot from an article shared by Shawn Graham in Fast Company. Some of the places you can consider to place social buttons.

  • Newsletters
  • Email Signatures
  • Business Blogs
  • Header and Footer of your website
  • Header and Footer of your blog

Giving discounts to your customers

While the results of such kind of campaigns are unknown, I was impressed by a campaign sent out by PetFlow. Providing customers with some specific discounts, say $4.25 valid only for a few hours, they give customers a specific reason to take action quickly and immediately. For sites like, where the pet owners will always need something, I imagine that this offer was incredibly successful. Can you find a similar tactic for your website?

Turning your Likes into leads with social contests

Running contests on social media networking sites is one of the most rapid, affordable, and scalable tactics that can be used today. In a campaign we ran last year for one of our clients we netted 681 email addresses, of which 75 signed up for their services. The total expense was $37. So if you have a large fan following on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn it might be worth using a tool like Wish Pond or Infusion Soft pro social in order to turn some of your Likes into permanent customers.

To conclude

At any point of time your business is either growing or stagnating. And in order to ensure that you are always growing, it is important to understand what your customers need and to experiment with technology that can improve the overall experience. I hope that the post has given you some ideas that will work for you.

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