The 16 most-read Internet Retailer stories of 2016

December 30, 2016 10:37 AM readers want the details on e-commerce, and the most-read stories of 2016 show they care a lot about the state of U.S. online sales. News about Inc., No. 1 in the Internet Retailer 2016 Top 500 Guide, also ranks highly because so many online retailers sell via Amazon, use its services or find themselves competing with the e-commerce giant.

Here are the 16 top stories from 2016:

  1. US e-commerce grows 14.6% in 2015
  2. Online sales will reach $523 billion by 2020 in the US
  3. invites more merchants to sell on its marketplace
  4. Why Amazon is suddenly swimming in profit
  5. no longer works and nobody is saying why
  6. Amazon lets sellers handle some Prime fulfillment, and it’s paying off
  7. China’s online retail sales grow a third to $589 billion in 2015
  8. Home Depot hammers away at online growth
  9. acquires online retailer Hayneedle
  10. Browsing Amazon’s new private-label clothing lines
  11. Amazon sales climb 22% in Q4 and 20% in 2015
  12. predicts its sales will total $1 billion
  13. China’s e-commerce boom
  14. Wal-Mart’s online marketplace picks up sellers and momentum
  15. Amazon won’t accept FBA inventory from new clients until after the holiday rush
  16. Ikea builds a pop-up showroom on a digital premise



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