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Launched in 2009 with a single database containing the 500 largest web retailers in the U.S. and Canada, has been updated, enhanced and expanded multiple times per year. It now includes twelve separate competitive databases that include the leading 4,000 web merchants in markets around the globe, the top 300 business-to-business e-commerce players in North America, and the 1,807 biggest technology service companies in the e-commerce business. This steady expansion of content has been accompanied by an equally impressive growth of Top 500 database members, making the world’s top-selling e-commerce research product. While members come from many different sectors of the global economy, they possess a common desire for detailed financial and operating information on the worldwide e-commerce market.


Whether they’re pure-plays, retail chains or catalogers, web merchants of all stripes subscribe to the Top 500 database to obtain, in a matter of seconds, detailed information on their e-retailing competitors. Using the database, they can compare their own performance on dozens of metrics with competing web merchants in various merchandise categories.

Who-Subscribes-Page-Solution-ProvidersE-Commerce Solutions Providers is a gold mine of business development information for e-commerce solutions providers looking to expand their base of clients in the global e-retailing market. With complete metrics on the world’s 4,000 leading e-retailers, including the vendors top e-retailers currently use in each solutions category, the Top 500 database is the e-commerce vendor’s No. 1 tool for prospecting for new business.

Who-Subscribes-Page-Wall-StreetFinancial Institutions

Financial professionals subscribe to to discover high-growth investment opportunities in the world’s fast-growing e-commerce markets. The database also serves as an excellent resource for spotting and evaluating mergers and acquisitions in the burgeoning e-commerce market.


Who-Subscribes-Page-ConsultingConsultants and Research Organizations

Consultants need to provide the most current financial and operating data of e-commerce competition to their clients. delivers massive quantities of data that can be tailored for each client’s needs.


Who-Subscribes-Page-MarketingMarketing Professionals presents a wealth of data on the digital marketing methods that each top-ranked web merchant employs to grow its shopper base, including the number of promotional e-mails they send, their spending on search marketing and their use of social media platforms.


Who-Subscribes-Page-ManufacturersWholesalers and Manufacturers

Online retailing gives wholesalers and manufacturers a major new opportunity to sell directly to consumers and improve their margins in the process. provides the competitive data these businesses need to thrive in the online marketplace.



E-commerce has become a rapidly growing segment of business school research and learning. provides educators with cutting-edge information and analysis of the trends shaping online retailing.



Governments at the national, state, provincial and local level rely on the Top 500 database to monitor the impact of e-commerce on their respective economies and to shape regulatory and taxing policies.


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