Who are the 1,807 e-commerce applications and services providers catering to North America’s Top 1000 e-retailers? Which leading North American e-retailers are using which vendors, and for which application or service? How many total clients does one of these top e-commerce vendors have? The Internet Retailer 2017 Vendors to the Top 1000 reveals the answers. Vendor rankings are based on their number of retail clients ranked in the Internet Retailer 2016 Top 500 Guide® and Second 500 Guide and the web sales those retailers represent. This exclusive research comprehensively ranks every vendor across 30 solutions categories—from affiliate marketing to web site testing/optimization. With a convenient web-based platform, you can filter your search criteria on vendors within a certain category and customize reports based on comparative metrics within seconds.

  • 43,368 total facts
  • 1,807 vendors ranked by Top 1000 clients across 30 solutions categories
  • Access the names, titles and company address information on 1,926 vendor executives

The Ultimate Vendor Database, Exclusively Available from Internet Retailer

In Q2 2016, e-commerce sales grew 15.8% year over year--the largest growth rate in online sales in nearly two years. With e-commerce now accounting for approximately 10.9% of total retail sales, it’s no wonder that more web merchants are stepping up their investments in e-commerce solutions. In fact, annual spending on e-commerce software by U.S. firms—which doubled from 2010 to 2014—will nearly double again by 2019, predicts Forrester Research Inc.

Discover the vendors—all 1,807 of them—ranked across 30 technology applications and services categories used by all Top 1000 retailers—the retailers ranked in the 2016 Top 500 and Second 500 Guides. Rankings are based the number of retail clients and how fast those clients are growing. Each vendor profile details 24 metrics, including a comprehensive, alphabetical list of the vendor’s Top 1000 retail clients and which technologies and services the vendor provides for each retail client.

Harness the power and speed of to drill into competitive metrics on each ranked vendor. Make searches by technology category, merchant type, merchandise category, the sales range of Top 1000 clients per vendor, and a breakdown of Top 500 vs. Second 500 clients per vendor. After your data fields are chosen, and with just a few more clicks, you’ll get key facts and figures about the Vendors to the Top 1000, presented exactly the way you want them. These customized reports are an impactful way to present important search results and analysis to managers, clients—or even potential customers. All reports—standard and custom—can be printed, or saved online, for quick reference at any time.


Vendors to the Top 1000 List

The database contains 43,368 total facts on the 1,807 e-commerce solutions providers powering the success of the web merchants ranked in the 2016 Top 500 and Second 500 Guides.