TOP 500


Access comprehensive financial and operating performance data on each of the 500 leading e-retailers in the U.S. based on 2013 online sales. In all, there are 263 data elements per retailer—up from last year’s tally of 235, including 22 new metrics. All the metrics from last year are completely updated for 2013 e-retailing operations, from web traffic, conversion rates, merchandise return rates, search and e-mail marketing stats, e-commerce vendors used, web site features and functions and much, much more. More than 130,000 facts are yours to mine, and that figure does not include the names and addresses of the 2,272 e-commerce executives who keep the Top 500 running.

  • Navigate company profile pages with ease
  • Track vendors across 30 solutions categories
  • Instantly access competitive rankings on any group of e-retailers you want and on any set of metrics you choose

Big Data, At Your Service

We’ve raised the bar on
e-commerce analytics

Summon the most powerful e-commerce database to retrieve, sort and report the metrics that matter to you. There are more than 130,000 pieces of proprietary business information available to you on the 500 largest e-retailers in North America.

Whether you’re accessing data for a competitive market analysis, performing due diligence on a vendor or crunching numbers for a presentation, the Top 500 database helps you save valuable time and effort.


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Instant online access to customizable data.

Fast, easy access to the data on the market leaders that are driving U.S. e-retailing forward—all made possible by a convenient web-based platform.