The suite of databases segments e-commerce markets by topics, not just geographical regions. The content of the 2014 Social Media 500 has been expanded 67 percent from its landmark predecessor, ranking and profiling the 500 more effective social media marketers in North American e-commerce based on the percentage of site traffic they derive from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. These e-retailers excel at delivering tailored content on social networks and their own sites to drvie engagement and sales.

  • Navigate clear and easy-to-read profile pages of 500 leaders in social media–derived traffic and sales
  • Retrieve and analyze operational and financial metrics relating to each retailer’s social strategy, such as 2013 and 2012 social commerce revenue, monthly unique visitors from social networks, conversion rates on social traffic, average order value on purchases stemming from social sites, 2013 and 2012 ad spend on social networks, and more
  • Look up the names, addresses and phone numbers for 500 social media marketing executives

Data on the Social 500: Glean the Lessons from Small but Mighty E-Retailers

See where your company stacks up in social media-derived site traffic.

For serious social commerce competitors, the Social Media 500 database offers vital information such as 2012 social commerce sales figures, conversion rates and average order values on social traffic, referral traffic ratios from the major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube), fan and follower counts, and key engagement metrics such as shares per Facebook post or average retweets.

Whether you’re accessing data for a competitive market analysis, performing due diligence on a vendor or crunching the numbers for a presentation, the Social Media 500 database helps you save valuable time and effort.

Top 5 e-retailers by Facebook Likes

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