Collectively, the web merchants ranked in the 2016 Second 500 grew 2015 web sales 14.9% to $6.99 billion from $6.09 billion in 2014, compared to the 13.5% web sales growth rate tallied by the Top 500 in 2015. That’s the first time since Internet Retailer began tracking this market back in 2011 that the mid-tier market web merchants in the Second 500 outgrew their much larger competitors in the Top 500, proving that the mid-tier e-retailing market in the U.S. and Canada is where you’ll find the industry’s rising stars. Discover who these web merchants are and how they arrived in this year’s rankings by mining the rich data—276 metrics in all—that showcases each e-retailer’s 2015 online sales growth, conversion rate, average ticket, monthly web traffic and a detailed breakdown of marketing programs, shopper demographics, social media statistics, mobile commerce deployment, online marketplace presence and more.

  • Sort through, compare and analyze 276,000 facts
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A Competitive View of Who’s Up, Who’s Down and Who’s Growing the Fastest

The web merchants ranked in the 2016 Second 500 Guide prove that the mid-tier e-retailing market in the U.S. and Canada is definitely in flux. Fully 61 web merchants, many of them newly flush with venture capital, are completely new to our rankings and boast impressive web sales and growth rates. The growth varies, of course, by merchant type and merchandise category. Not surprisingly, web sales growth among smaller online players is concentrated most heavily among those that are web-only. The 299 pure-plays ranked in the 2016 Second 500 grew collective web sales 16.6% to $4.15 billion from $3.56 billion. The apparel category is thriving also, with 18.1% collective growth among the 111 Second 500 merchants that primarily sell clothing and accessories. And unlike their larger competitors in the Top 500, smaller retailers in the computers and electronics category grew 2015 web sales by 10.3%; their Top 500 rivals, by contrast, only grew web sales in that category by 3.4%.


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