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TOP 500


Presented for the 12th consecutive year, the data in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide® serve as the bellwether for gauging the growth of e-commerce in the U.S., which continues to grow at more than four times the rate of store-based retailing. And once again, the elite e-retailers ranked in the Top 500 are spearheading that growth, reaching collective sales in 2014 of $296.5 billion in global sales at a growth rate of 15.7%, slightly outpacing total U.S. e-commerce growth in 2014 of 15.4%. Harness complete financial and operating performance data on each of these 500 e-commerce kingpins with your Top500Guide.com subscription.

  • Mine more than 130,000 facts
  • Sort through 263 data elements per retailer
  • Access 2,211 e-commerce executives’ corporate contact info.



Chances are, the small to mid-size North American e-retailers ranked 501-1,000 by 2014 online sales—mostly web-only and highly niche-focused—are your direct competitors if you’re an e-retailer. If you’re an e-commerce solutions provider or an investor or e-commerce consultant, the mid-market dynamos ranked in the 2015 Second 500 Guide are your next hot prospects. Discover who they are and how they arrived in this year’s rankings by mining the rich data—261 data elements in all, fully 100 more than last year’s version—that showcases each e-retailer’s 2014 online sales growth, conversion rate, average ticket, monthly web traffic and a detailed breakdown of marketing programs, shopper demographics, social media statistics, mobile commerce deployment, online marketplace presence and more.

  • Sort through, compare and analyze 130,500 facts
  • Search the names, company addresses and phone numbers of 1,350 executives
  • Compare vendors used across 30 solutions categories



Driven by innovations in technology and shifting consumer behaviors, mobile commerce continues to skyrocket worldwide, and web merchants everywhere are increasingly adopting a mobile-first approach to selling online. Mobile sales by the world’s 500 leading mobile commerce sites should reach $84 billion by year’s end, up 80% from $47 billion in 2013, according to the 2015 Internet Retailer Mobile 500. A survival guide is what you’ll need to make the best decisions for your business, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in this exclusive 2015 Mobile 500 data, which ranks the 500 leading m-commerce sites on the planet by 2014 mobile sales and analyzes the key details and operating metrics—in all, 53—of each one.

  • Multi-year history of financial performance for 366 U.S.-based merchants and 134 overseas ones
  • New sales metrics: smartphones vs. tablets, sites vs. apps, mobile as percent of total web, app engagement score
  • Names, company addresses and phone numbers of 831 m-commerce executives

ASIA 500


Completely updated with 2014 web sales data, the Asia 500 database provides comprehensive financial, operating, social media marketing and web site performance metrics on the 500 leading global e-retailers in Asia and the Pacific Rim ranked by 2014 annual web sales and 84 separate data elements on each retailer, including overall and country market rank, monthly web traffic, conversion rate, average ticket, merchandise category, payments and performance metrics and much more. Internet Retailer’s exclusive proprietary data in the Asia 500 database can serve as an unfailing compass that will help you benchmark your own business and identify your potential Asian partners and competitors as you chart your next global horizon.

  • Make competitive comparisons on e-retailers using dozens of metrics
  • Create, print and save custom reports online for quick reference at any time
  • Search the names and company addresses and phone numbers of 883 executives



Your Top500Guide.com subscription to the 2015 Social Media 500 database lets you access and customize your own comparisons by social network, company name, merchant type or—for the first time ever—merchandizing category of each ranked Social Media 500 e-retailer’s 72 total metrics, including social commerce sales figures for the past three years, monthly unique visitors from social networks, conversion rates on social traffic, social ad spending figures and key engagement metrics like number of retweets per Tweet.

  • Updated rankings and detailed listings of the 500 most effective social media marketers in North America, ranked by the percentage of site traffic they receive directly from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube
  • 72 total metrics (below) including exclusive social commerce sales figures for the past three years, monthly unique visitors from social networks, conversion rates on social traffic, social ad spending figures and key engagement metrics like average comment per Facebook post or number of retweets per Tweet.
  • 500 social commerce executive names and corporate contact information



Have you read the proverbial writing on the Great Wall yet? China is the world’s no. 1 e-commerce market for a variety of reasons every U.S.-based e-retailer ought to know. And only Internet Retailer delivers scores of details on China’s 500 leading web merchants, who, as a group, grew their web sales 59.1% last year. The 2015 China 500 database lets you delve into the full financial, operations and performance metrics of this elite group of web merchants, including their 2014 and 2013 web sales, market rank, monthly web traffic, conversion rate, average ticket, and more.

  • 500 e-retailers representing 16 different countries at the forefront of Chinese e-commerce
  • 154 metrics on each of the 410 Chinese and 90 non-Chinese e-retailers
  • Valuable contact information of 841 e-commerce executives



The 500 largest web merchants in Europe—hailing from 36 countries worldwide—collectively grew their web sales 17% in 2013 to claim over 56% of total e-commerce market share on the Continent and in the U.K. Who are they? Who are the fastest-growing ones, and which merchandise categories keep growing exponentially? The answers to these and other questions can be found in the all-new and updated competitive business information in the 2014 Europe 500, which features 201 data elements per ranked and profiled e-retailer. Your database subscription will allow you to:

  • Effortlessly navigate company profile pages
  • Search the names, company addresses and phone numbers of 856 executives
  • Investigate the 47 entrants appearing in the Europe 500 for the first time



The research content of this first-of-its-kind industry resource has been expanded to cover 100 additional retailers since the Latin America 400, offering you complete business intelligence on the 500 largest e-retailers in Latin America, the world’s second-fastest-growing e-commerce region after China. Delve into 128 separate data elements per ranked e-retailer, with all-new and updated metrics that include 2013 web sales, web traffic and conversion rates, and performance and payments metrics analyzing how Latin America 500 web merchants compare on key customer service metrics, types of payments, and web site features/functions and key web site performance metrics such as response time and site availability. Sort through 64,000 facts in all, not including the list of names and addresses of key executives in the region.

  • Pinpoint data on company profile pages with ease
  • Search the names and company addresses and phone numbers of 846 executives
  • Shop for solutions vendors across 6 categories



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