Top players in the 2017 Internet Retailer Mobile 500 dial in to new mobile technologies that expand far beyond launching m-commerce sites and apps and push the boundaries of mobile commerce farther than ever before. Mobile sales by the world’s 500 leading mobile commerce sites are on pace to reach $220.4 billion in 2016, up 53.4% from $143.7 billion in 2015, according to the 2017 Internet Retailer Mobile 500. A survival guide is what you’ll need to make the best decisions for your business, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in this exclusive 2017 Mobile 500 data, which ranks the 500 leading m-commerce sites on the planet by 2016 mobile sales and analyzes the key details and operating metrics—in all, 51—of each one.

  • Multi-year history of financial performance for 383 U.S.-based web merchants and 117 overseas ones
  • New in-depth mobile app stats, including Mobile 500 merchants’ app visibility and sentiment
  • Names and corporate contact information for 500 m-commerce executives worldwide

Change is Coming

Retailers that haven’t mastered the basics of a solid mobile site or app are behind the curve, as mobile is now mainstream. More than half of web traffic in 10 countries, including the United States and Japan, stem from mobile devices, and 34% of online retail purchases in the U.S. happen on smartphones, according to Google Inc. U.S. mobile commerce sales grew 56.2% to $49.2 billion in 2015, says web measurement firm comScore Inc. That’s nearly four times as fast as the 14.6% growth in U.S. e-commerce, as measured by the United States Department of Commerce. Data compiled for the Internet Retailer 2017 Mobile 500 also illustrate that mobile’s strength with continue to grow. The mobile sales of all companies in the Mobile 500 will reach roughly $220.4 billion this year, up 53.4% from $143.7 billion in 2015. In the U.S. alone, mobile will represent roughly 38% of total e-commerce sales, by Forrester Research’s estimate, up from 35% in 2015.

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