With research content expanded by 33% to cover 100 additional retailers since the Top 300 Latin America, this database offers complete business intelligence on the 400 largest e-retailers in Latin America, the world’s second-fastest-growing e-commerce region. Delve into 120 separate data elements per ranked e-retailer, with metrics that include 2012 web sales, web traffic and conversion rates, social networking affiliations, performance ratings and much more. All told, you can sort through 48,000 facts and figures, not including the list of names and addresses of key executives in the region.

  • Navigate company profile pages with ease
  • Search the names and company addresses and phone numbers of 724 executives
  • Shop for solutions vendors across 6 categories

Data on the Latin America 400: Ranking and Profiling the E-Retailing Leaders South of the U.S. Border

Get a comprehensive assessment of e-retailing in 10 Latin American countries: Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Whether you’re accessing data for a competitive market analysis, performing due diligence on a vendor or crunching numbers for a presentation, the updated and expanded Latin America 400 database helps you save valuable time and effort.

Fastest growing Latin America 400 merchants

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Fast, easy access to the data on the 400 Latin American e-retailers who, as a group, grew their web sales almost 19% in 2012, compared to the 16% growth rate of the Top 500 in the U.S. in that same period. And the data are conveniently accessed through a web-based platform.