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Appeal of online food shopping cuts across demographic lines

2016 is shaping up to be the year when e-commerce becomes truly a mainstream—not a niche—part of the overall grocery market.

By James Melton, Research Analyst

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Sales on online marketplaces cross $1 trillion in 2016 | Top 500

Internet Retailer’s latest research report, “Online Marketplaces: A Global Phenomenon,” shows that the growth of online marketplaces around the world present opportunities for smaller merchants to grow both in their home countries and across borders.

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Newer online food retailers stir up fast growth

Newer online food retailers stir up fast growth | U.S. Top 1000

Food and drug merchants grow fastest among Mid-Market 500 companies, even as Internet Retailer and Bizrate Insights find 81% of consumers prefer to shop for food in stores.

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There’s plenty of change among the leaders in luxury e-commerce | Top 500

A big merger, the emergence of aggressive start-ups and the evolution of flash-sale web retailers are changing the face of luxury e-commerce.

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Amazon accounts for the majority of Q3 online sales growth | Top 500

Many large publicly traded retailers posted big gains in web sales in the third quarter of 2016, driving e-commerce growth in the United States during the period. But the gains are largely attributable to e-retail giant Inc.

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Customers want help finding stuff and e-retailers are obliging | Top 500

To get shoppers to the right products, e-merchants are experimenting with new technology and communicating directly with customers.

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