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With a single subscription that provides comprehensive, current financial and operating data on the world’s 1,000 largest web merchants, you can simultaneously access the most current data on the e-commerce leaders from North America (the Top 1000), the Europe 500, the Asia 500, the Latin America 500 and beyond.

  • 138,000 total facts
  • 138 individual data elements per ranked Global 1000 e-retailer
  • The names and corporate contact information on 2,954 leading e-commerce executives

The Reinvention of Global E-Retail

The Big Picture: The E-Commerce Impact on Global Retail Markets

E-commerce is now just a little more than two decades old, but it’s already proving to be an incredibly disruptive force in retail markets around the world, as more connected consumers choose to bypass store shopping in favor of web and mobile purchases. Online retail sales reached $1.74 trillion globally last year, and it’s been growing at roughly 20% per year over the last three years. That’s in stark contrast to store sales, which have grown on average 3% per year.

If your business goal is to build your e-retail site to last in a growing global e-commerce market, you need the latest, most comprehensive data on the world’s 1,000 largest web merchants to benchmark your site’s performance against theirs. You already know that is your portal to that data, but the advantage of the Global 1000 database is that a single subscription lets you simultaneously access all the most current data on the 2016 Top 1000, Europe 500, Asia 500, Latin America 500 and more in one sweet suite of data. Apply our unique data filters to instantly generate hundreds of custom reports that draw on data from all Global 1000 e-retailers.


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Fast, easy access to the data on the 1,000 e-retailers that set the bar of excellence in e-retailing worldwide—and you can access the information anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Global 1000