The 500 largest web merchants in Europe—hailing from 33 countries worldwide—collectively grew their web sales 15.6% in 2014. The Top 50 slightly grew higher—to 16%—but more impressively, they command a 67.3% share of total European e-commerce sales. Who are these web merchants? Which ones are growing the fastest, and how many of them are delving beyond their home countries with dedicated, localized retail web sites elsewhere in the Continent? The answers to these and other questions can be found in the all-new and updated 2015 Europe 500, which features 183 data elements per ranked and profiled e-retailer. Your database subscription will allow you to:

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Ranking the 500 Largest E-Retailers in the Eurozone and Beyond

Fast-growing web merchants from Eastern Europe and Turkey carve out niches at the e-commerce feast table anchored by the mature markets of the U.K., Germany and France.

Without question, the western European e-commerce strongholds of the U.K., Germany and France still lead e-commerce sales in the Eurozone; for example, looking at the Top 50 e-retailers in this year’s Europe 500 rankings, 17 are based in the U.K. alone. But major shifts eastward are indicated by looking at the listing of the fastest-growing e-retailers: two of the Top 5 spots are claimed by retailers from Turkey and one from Russia. E-commerce across Europe is increasingly being spoken with Eastern European and Mediterranean accents, and savvy global retailers the world over ought to take note.

The Five Fastest-Growing E-Retailers in the Europe 500

Morhipo 241 Turkey Apparel/Accessories 116.7%
Wikimart Ltd. 100 Russia Mass Merchant 111.5%
Elgiganten 304 Denmark Computers/Electronics 100.0%
Clarie's 423 U.K. Apparel/Accessories 99.8% 26 Turkey Mass Merchant 90.1%

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