The 500 largest web merchants in Europe—hailing from 36 countries worldwide—collectively grew their web sales 17% in 2013 to claim over 56% of total e-commerce market share on the Continent and in the U.K. Who are they? Who are the fastest-growing ones, and which merchandise categories keep growing exponentially? The answers to these and other questions can be found in the all-new and updated competitive business information in the 2014 Europe 500, which features 201 data elements per ranked and profiled e-retailer. Your database subscription will allow you to:

  • Effortlessly navigate company profile pages
  • Search the names, company addresses and phone numbers of 856 executives
  • Investigate the 47 entrants appearing in the Europe 500 for the first time

The Europe 500: Your Passport to Competitive E-Retailing Data

Aggressive Web Merchants in Europe Master Cross-Border Commerce to Drive Double-Digit Sales Growth Throughout the Continent

Harness the power of the database version of the 2014 Europe 500 to instantly retrieve more than 100,000 key facts and figures on the 500 leading e-retailers increasing their market share in the 28 member nations of the European Union and beyond. Twenty-seven web merchants out of the Europe 500 sell online across European borders in three or more nations with dedicated, localized web sites. Their combined web sales last year totaled $62.51 billion, up 29.2% from $48.40 billion in 2012—nearly double the 17% growth rate for the Europe 500 as a whole.

Top 10 European web merchants

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Fast, easy access to the data on the 500 e-retailers that account for more than 56% of the e-commerce market in the U.K. and Continental Europe—and it’s all made possible by a convenient web-based platform.