The 500 largest web merchants in Europe collectively grew their web sales by 16.8% in 2015. The fastest-growing 25 grew by 45.1% to €17.8 billion in 2015 web sales. Who are these web merchants? Which ones are growing the fastest, and how many of them are delving beyond their home countries with dedicated, localized retail web sites elsewhere in the Continent? The answers to these and other questions can be found in the all-new and updated 2016 Europe 500, which features 124 data elements per ranked and profiled e-retailer. Your database subscription will allow you to:

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Ranking the 500 Largest E-Retailers in the Eurozone and Beyond

Europe’s web retailers add more services and refine their websites to keep up with Amazon’s unstoppable growth.

Number-1-ranked Inc. crossed the Pond in 2010, and reports it has spent 4.6 billion pounds (USD $6.71 billion) in the U.K. alone, where, by the end of 2016, it will have 12 fulfillment centers (29 total across seven European countries). In addition to selling its own goods across borders, Amazon operates online marketplaces in 10 countries where merchants can leverage the e-retailer’s massive customer base. But competitors are starting to turn up their own heat. In addition to upping the stakes in the marketplace wars—the Federal Association of eCommerce (BVOH) in Berlin reports that more than 50 companies operate roughly 220 marketplaces throughout Europe—European web merchants are leveraging assets such as omnichannel capabilities that are beyond Amazon’s reach for the time being. For example, no. 33-ranked Debenhams PLC, a U.K.-based department store chain with 200 stores, is growing web sales through “click and collect” initiatives that let shoppers buy goods online and pick them up in stores. Debenhams also delivers goods to 66 countries, relying on its own fleet of delivery trucks in the U.K. and on German logistics company Hermes for deliveries on the Continent. The U.K., Germany and France continue to dominate e-commerce sales in Europe.


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