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B2B e-commerce is big, really big, and it’s only going to get bigger. With B2B e-commerce sales in the U.S. alone projected by Forrester Research Inc. to hit $780 billion this year—and surpass $1.13 trillion in five years, accounting for 12.1% of all B2B sales—e-commerce represents a sales gold mine for companies that can capably meet the requirements of business buyers, a far more daunting task than selling to consumers. As an industry first, the publishers of Internetretailer.com and B2BeCommerceWorld.com present never-before-revealed competitive data on the 300 companies that are paving the way forward in B2B e-commerce. As a group, these companies are growing at twice the rate of B2B e-commerce as a whole in the U.S. and command a 70% of the market; they are projected to grow web sales by 13.3% this year to $547.1 billion from $482.79 billion in 2014—figures that completely dwarf the U.S. B2C e-commerce market. Get comprehensive details—up to 61 metrics per ranked company—on their strategies for success so you can make the best decisions possible to grow your business.

  • Break down companies by type and across 18 industry categories
  • Locate vendors used by B2B sellers across 14 categories
  • Access the names and corporate contact info. of 462 B2B e-commerce executives

A Playbook of Data You Can Use to Jumpstart Your Own B2B E-Commerce Initiative

The culmination of two years’ worth of intensive data-gathering by our dedicated team of researchers, the 2016 B2B E-Commerce 300 for the first time reveals and profiles the leading manufacturers, wholesalers and commercial service providers that are operating e-commerce sites that provide business buyers the same kind of shopping experience that consumers find on top B2C sites: namely, excellent search functionality, detailed product information with first-rate visuals and product comparisons, reviews from business buyers, and even input from social media. And it rests on e-commerce platforms that automate and make more accurate the ordering and payment process. At the same time, online B2B sellers must also go beyond the features of B2C sites to offer business buyers what they need in such areas as product selection and pricing according to contract terms, control over the spending limits of corporate buyers, and the ability to route pending purchases for authorization by buyers’ superiors.

Meeting such criteria is no small feat for B2B sellers as they try to determine which e-commerce technologies, merchandising and digital marketing strategies will keep corporate customers returning to their e-commerce web sites. And despite the market’s impressive size and growth, many business buyers who now want to streamline their purchasing practices for a digital age will benefit by learning from today’s B2B e-commerce leaders, the technical requirements of buying online and the proven e-commerce practices that can modernize their purchasing operations.

Fastest-growing B2B e-commerce players

Company Rank 2015 B2B e-commerce growth Company Type Industry
Carotek Inc. 276 300.0% Distributor Machinery
Alliance-Com Network 250 150.0% Distributor Computers/Electronics
Slingshot Sports 300 140.0% Manufacturer Sporting Goods
Zoetis 274 110.0% Manufacturer Pharmaceuticals
Capitol Scientific Inc. 236 102.9% Distributor Health Care Products

Source: 2016 B2B E-Commerce 300

B2B E-Commerce List

Meet the leaders who control 70% of the nearly $800 billion U.S. B2B e-commerce market.

These are the top manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers whose business, government and other enterprise customers increasingly want to buy online.