ASIA 500


The 500 largest web merchants in Asia—hailing from 19 countries worldwide—collectively grew their web sales 54.5% in 2015, accounting for 25% of total e-commerce sales in the region. Who are these web merchants? Which ones are growing the fastest, and how many of them are delving beyond their home countries with dedicated, localized retail web sites elsewhere in Asia? Which merchandise categories are the most popular ones for online shoppers in the region? The answers to these and other questions can be found in the all-new and updated 2016 Asia 500, which features 139 data elements per ranked and profiled e-retailer. Your database subscription will allow you to:

  • Access 69,500 total facts
  • Search the names, company addresses and phone numbers of 903 executives
  • Investigate the 41 Asia 500 e-retailers hailing from the U.S. and Europe

Ranking the 500 Largest E-Retailers in the World’s Largest E-Commerce Market

Western web merchants should understand that some merchant types fare better than others in Asia.

Unlike the U.S. and other established retail markets that began with stores, China—Asia’s largest national e-commerce market with more than $534 billion online goods sold in 2015—has embraced online shopping first, and on a grand scale. Factors such as a widely dispersed population and a lack of retail stores, along with the rapid growth of the middle class, dovetailed to fuel the growth of online shopping. In the 2016 Asia 500, 155 of the 266 web merchants based in China are web-only. By way of comparison, the 2015 Top 500 has 193 web-only retailers. The big differences are among retail chains: 36 of the Asia 500 compared to 154 ranked in the Top 500, indicating the dearth of stores in China. And there are only 11 catalog-based retailers in China versus 77 in the Top 500, making it unlikely that China will ever shift to the paper-based medium.

How the Asia 500 E-Retailers Compare by Merchant Type

  Growth Total Retailers 2015 Total Retailers 2014
Web only 55% 251 259
Retail chain 63% 106 116
Catalog/Call Center 26% 33 40
Consumer brand manufacturer 44% 110 85
Total   500 500

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