ASIA 500


Furnishing competitive data previously unavailable in the West, the Asia 500 database grants you full access to comprehensive financial, operating, marketing and web site performance metrics on the 500 leading online retailers in Asia and the Pacific Rim ranked by 2012 annual web sales. In all, you can analyze 148 separate data elements on each retailer, including overall and country market rank, monthly web traffic, conversion rate, average ticket, merchandise category, payments and performance metrics and much more, giving you a total of 74,000 facts—not including the index of executive names—on the web merchants shaping the global e-commerce market that’s growing twice as fast as U.S. e-retailing.

  • Navigate company profile pages with ease
  • Search the names and company addresses and phone numbers of 891 executives
  • Assess the key leaders and trends shaping the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce market

Data on the Asia 500: Secrets of the Retailers in the Epicenter of Global E-Commerce

Find financial, operational and contact information on potential Asian partners and competitors.

Compare, contrast and analyze scores of metrics on the 500 largest e-retailers in Asia—notably China, Japan, India and South Korea—whose 2012 collective sales grew year over year 59.2% to $248.69 billion.

Whether you’re accessing data for a competitive market analysis, performing due diligence on a vendor or crunching numbers for a presentation, the Asia 500 database helps you save valuable time and effort.

China's biggest online retailers

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Fast, easy access to the data on the web merchants that are leading and shaping the competitive landscape in the world’s fastest-growing—and soon to be largest—direct-to-consumer e-retailing market.