About Top 500

Top500Guide.com is the world’s largest database of financial, operating and competitive information on the global e-commerce market. Depending on your membership level, this site contains the latest annual online sales, rankings and scores of other metrics on each of the world’s 3,200 largest retail web businesses. The data includes growth rates, average tickets, web traffic, conversion rates, marketing stats, website features and much, much more. In all, the Top500Guide.com database stores 500,000 facts and figures on the world’s leading e-retailers, including the names and addresses of nearly 8,000 executives who manage these e-retail businesses.

All of this competitive e-retailing data is the result of original research not available from any other source. Internet Retailer’s 18 full-time journalists and researchers collect all of this data, regularly update and verify it, and organize it for easy use. We have largest reporting and fact-gathering team in e-commerce. They are assisted by 13 professional data partners we have selected from all segments the e-commerce industry.

About Top500Guide.com content

Top500Guide.com consists of seven separate e-commerce databases. They are organized into six geographic markets and two specialty e-commerce markets. The six geographic databases identify the top e-commerce companies in each region of the world, ranking them on their annual online retail sales. The geographic databases include:

  • The Top 500 ranks that 500 largest e-retailers in North America based on their global e-retail sales. The database is completely updated every April using prior year online sales. It contains profiles and 235 financial and operating details on each e-retailer.
  • The Second 500 ranks the 501stto 1,000the-retailers in North America according to their e-retail sales. This database is updated every June. It contains profiles and 166 financial and operating details on each e-retailer.
  • The Europe 500 ranks the 500 largest e-retailers headquartered or operating in Europe based on their global e-commerce sales. This database is updated every July and includes profiles and 177 financial and operating details on each e-retailer.
  • The Latin America 500 ranks the 500 largest e-retailers based or operating in Latin America according to their e-retail sales. This database is updated every August and includes profiles and 100 financial and operating details on each e-retailer.
  • The Asia 500 ranks the 500 largest e-retailers throughout Asia based on their online sales. The database is updated every February and contains profiles and 148 financial and operational metrics on each e-retailer.
  • The China 500 ranks the 500 largest e-retailers in the world’s biggest and fastest growing e-commerce market. Introduced in February 2014, it is updated annually and contains profiles and 152 financial and operating details on each Chinese e-retailer.

In addition to these geographic segments, the Top500Guide.com includes rankings and details on two specialty e-commerce segments. These include:

  • The Social Media 500 ranks America’s 500 largest retail businesses based on their social marketing activity and social commerce sales. The database contains 48 social media metrics on each e-retailer and is updated every January.
  • The Mobile 500 ranks the world’s 500 largest mobile commerce businesses based on annual sales from smartphones and tablets. The database consists of profiles and 78 financial and operating details on each mobile retailer. It is updated every September.

About Internet Retailer and Vertical Web Media

Internet Retailer Magazine was launched in March 1999 by Faulkner & Gray, a unit of Thomson Reuters. It was purchased in 2000 by F&G CEO Jack Love and some members of his management team, who left Thomson to form Vertical Web Media.

Vertical Web Media is a privately held company based in Chicago that focuses on providing business intelligence for the e-commerce market. Starting with one magazine, VWM has since started a dozen other information product aimed at this market and is now the largest publisher in the e-commerce field.

Our Mission

From its beginning, Vertical Web Media has been a journalistically driven enterprise which has as its mission to be the largest and most credible provider of objective business information on the market trends, technology, competitive practices and people that are shaping the e-commerce industry. We define our target market - the e-commerce business - broadly to include all forms of consumer and business transactions on the internet that involve a purchase and exchange of value.

Our Products

Starting with the monthly Internet Retailer Magazine that began in 1999, Vertical Web Media has launched on average a new publication or information service every year since. It now operates a monthly magazine, two web sites, two e-mail newsletters, three conferences and trade shows, and five research guides - all directed to various aspects of the e-commerce business.

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